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ToAndFro in Factor and Common Lisp

Taking a look at SPOJ online judge, I reached ToAndFro problem and thought how easy it was to solve it in Factor. The problem states the following: Mo and Larry have devised a way of encrypting messages. They first decide … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Double Squares in Factor

Facebook has recently launched a puzzle programming contest (aka Facebook Hacker Cup). Since I always liked puzzles (I had already solved some of these puzzles -I may talk about them in another post-), I decided to give it a try. … Continue reading


Counting primes in Factor

Last week Programming Praxis proposed to write two functions: prime-counting(n) function, that returns the number of primes to n nth-prime(n) function, that returns the nth prime number A day before Samuel Tardieu wrote an article about Positional factoring which included information about the math.primes … Continue reading

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